You Want to Raise My Rent How Much?

You Want to Raise My Rent How Much? | Simplifying The Market

We recently reported that investment purchases in 2014 fell 7.4% for the year, that combined with a diminished supply of distressed inventory allowing for big profits, has real estate investors looking for a new way to make more money in 2015. So if they don’t have new properties to buy… how would they make more … Read More

The Truth About Rising Prices & Family Wealth

The Truth About Rising Prices & Family Wealth | Simplifying The Market

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released a report revealing that the growing wealth gap in this country has been impacted by the recent increases in real estate values coupled with the drop in homeownership rates. The report discloses: “Over 90 percent of metro areas have experienced declining homeownership rates at a time when … Read More

Attaining the American Dream: The 5 Financial Reasons to Buy

Attaining The American Dream: The 5 Financial Reasons to Buy | Simplifying The Market

We have reported many times that the American Dream of homeownership is alive and well. The personal reasons to own differ for each buyer, with many basic similarities. Eric Belsky, the Managing Director of the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University expanded on the top 5 financial benefits of homeownership his paper – … Read More

Homeownership Still a Great Investment

Homeownership Still a Great Investment | Simplifying The Market

Four recent news articles confirmed that most Americans still see real estate as a great long term investment. The Gallup organization polled the American people and discovered that they believe that real estate is a better long term investment than stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings or bonds:

Homeowners: We Need to Sell Your House Twice

Every house on the market has to be sold twice; once to a prospective buyer and then to the bank (through the bank’s appraisal). In a housing market where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values increase rapidly. One major challenge in such a market is that bank appraisal. If prices … Read More

4 Reasons To Move-Up This Spring

4 Reasons to Move Up Now | Simplifying The Market

Spring is in full force; the summer months are right around the corner. If you are debating moving up to your dream home, here are four great reasons to consider buying today instead of waiting.