Why Homeownership Matters

Owning a home has great financial benefits, yet many continue to rent because they don’t believe they can afford to purchase a home of their own or believe the need for homeownership is a thing of the past!

The following collection of blog posts and infographics clearly demonstrate that owning your home has many emotional, social, and financial benefits that cannot be achieved by renting.

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Let’s educate the market on why #homeownershipmatters.

Why Homeownership Matters Now More Than Ever

Study after study shows that no matter what generation American’s belong to, the vast majority believe that homeownership is an important part of their American Dream. The benefits of homeownership can be broken into two main categories: financial and non-financial (often referred to as emotional or social reasons.)
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Forecasting Home Sales & Prices in 2019

Buyers and sellers are confused by headlines that seem to change drastically every single day.

With blogs and visuals, you can simply and effectively explain to your clients what the experts are saying and where they believe home prices and sales will be heading this year. Read this blog and Share with your customers or download the powerful graph visual and put on your Social Media channels.

How Will Home Sales Measure Up Next Year?
There are many questions about where home sales are headed next year. We have gathered the most reliable sources to help answer this question. Here are our sources:
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Recession Economic Slowdown

There are many articles talking about a future recession. Are we entering a recession or just seeing an economic slowdown? When do the experts believe the next recession will happen?

To get a better understanding, read this blog post and listen to our free webinar that explains the forecast and the effect on the housing market.

Next Recession in 2020? What Will Be the Impact?
Economists and analysts know that the country has experienced economic growth for almost a decade. They also know that a recession can’t be too far off. A recent report by Zillow Research shed light on a survey conducted by Pulsenomics in which they asked economists, investment strategists and market analysts how they felt about the current housing market. That report revealed the possible timing of the next recession.
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Why the Housing Market Will Survive the Next Economic Slowdown
GOOD agents know how to deliver good news, but GREAT agents know how to deliver difficult news. Economists and experts have forecasted a slowdown in the economy to come, and this webinar provides you with the tools and information necessary to prepare for what’s around the corner.
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Price to Sell Immediately (PTSI)

Homeowners last year had the opportunity to price their houses higher and let the market catch up, but this is changing!

Homeowners need to price their house right from the beginning. In a changing market, first impressions count!

Selling Your Home? Make Sure the Price is Right!
If you’ve ever watched “The Price is Right,” you know that the only way to win is to be the one to correctly guess the price of the item you want without going over! That means your guess must be just slightly under the retail price.
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5 Elements of the Perfect Listing Presentation
As a real estate professional, you need to be prepared to have this conversation at your listing appointments, learn how to be ready with our 5 Elements of the Perfect Listing Presentation eGuide.
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Establishing Trust in a Shifting Market

There are 3 questions you need to know how to answer in a Shifting Real Estate Market:

  1. What is happening in the market?
  2. Why is happening?
  3. How simply and effectively can you explain it to your customers?

3 Things You Need in a Shifting Real Estate Market
Whether you are thinking of selling your house or buying a home, today’s real estate headlines can be confusing – perhaps even concerning. What is actually happening with mortgage rates? Are home values dropping or are they just rising at a slower pace? What impact will the economy have on the housing market?
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How to Succeed in a Shifting Real Estate Market
The role of the real estate agent has changed forever. How are you preparing to succeed in this new environment? This eGuide covers how this change redefines the role of a real estate advisor and the 3 steps agents must take to succeed in this New Market Reality.
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