There’s a constant that is prevalent throughout every business and every industry, that constant is the need for continuous development through learning. It applies to you as an agent just as much as it applies to KCM as a business. In fact, in realizing this, we’ve adopted it as one of our core values or beliefs.

We are committed to education and development… of our team and our Members. We believe in growth. We believe in constantly improving ourselves and the things we do. Every situation is an opportunity to learn something new and help others around us do the same.

This is one core value of six we try to embody as a company, through this effort we’ve found a nearly endless resource by speaking to other KCM Members.

As a Member Success Specialist here at KCM, I get to learn from Members like yourself and share what KCM has learned about being a successful Real Estate Agent. I recently had the privilege of speaking with Lisa Perk, who has been a KCM Member Since 2014.

In this interview, Lisa shares challenges she’s faced and how she intends to overcome them to make this her best year ever. We will discuss:

  • Being Better Than Average

  • The Advantages of Market Knowledge

  • Being Human, The Heart of a Teacher

  • Behavioral Science For Realtors

  • Systems and Your Capacity

  • Turning Passions Into Demographic Farming

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Being Better Than Average

The first place I noticed Lisa was helping in the KCM Facebook group and sharing her own experiences. When another Member asked about printing the guides Lisa had a great response,

Lisa realizes it often times doesn’t take a whole lot to stand out and above other agents. Especially during an open house she notices “so many agents are doing nothing, they have nothing”. So besides having the guides available during an open house, Lisa is also trying to collect as much information as possible through her iPad

“I have IPads Strategically through the house, If you didn’t sign up at the front door, maybe he’ll sign up here, you didn’t sign up there, maybe when you meet me in the kitchen, you’ll sign up on the IPad that’s stuck to my hand.”

After Lisa takes every chance she can to digitally grab potential clients information, she’ll email the guide to the person that signed up.

Your Head and Your Heart

Our slightly technophobic agents reading this might be squirming a bit but even Lisa noted “I’ve been in the business for three years and I’m sort of shocked…how much technology has changed”, she admits it can feel like you’re always chasing something. The thing that really trumps the next shiny object, though, is market knowledge and having the heart of a teacher. In Lisa’s words:

“the one thing that we have that all of these disruptive technologies cannot produce for people is real market knowledge, so the more that you can show people that you have local market knowledge and that you are constantly improving your skill set with that, that’s what’s going to beat all these other things”

Your KCM Membership is going to help you attain and maintain that important market knowledge. By staying up to date with trends and shifts in market data you become an invaluable resource. Your Monthly Market Report is going to be key here, having a monthly presentation that breaks down hundreds of reports and distils it into the most impactful information for you to use with your clients is going to set you above your competition. Having the heart of a teacher comes into play because the very best agents aren’t just spitting out numbers and facts, they’re educating, guiding their clients to the best course of action, through a process that isn’t simply transactional. Lisa explains “it is a financial transaction, but it’s not a financial transaction, there’s just too many moving parts, there’s too many emotional parts to it”

We’ve reported previously that The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University (JCHS), releases an annual report on the top reasons Americans choose to own a home. We actually have slides that showcase the top 15 reasons why your clients should buy their own home. Many Members have had success with using these on their social media accounts or sharing them with clients in face-to-face appointments. You can find all of the slides here.

If you look at these slides you’ll notice that they aren’t purely fiscally based reasons. Lisa says “the more that we focus on knowing how to tap into people’s emotional responses the better off we are because Zillow can’t ever beat us on that, there’s just no way.”

The Client’s Mind

2016 still turned out to be a challenging year for Lisa, but the way she turns her challenge into a win is worthy to note. She says “so many deals…just imploded over silly things…a lot of it was just inspection”. She found it interesting and admittedly challenging that in a market with very low inventory buyers were pickier than ever, opting out of houses within their price range over the slightest imperfections. You may have faced a similar situation, but what I want to highlight is how she’s turned it around. She explains “now that interest rates have started to creep up, now they are more interested because I’m tapping back into that fear, I’m never going to find what I want”

Lisa has seen positive results here but she mentions it’s about “keeping track of everyone’s pain points, and knowing how to use the market information to get them going”

Here, Lisa is specifically tapping that fear/pain point “I’m never going to find what I want” and emphasizes the need to move ahead through the use of market info.



In a similar situation, you could

share the Buyer’s Purchasing Power Slide,

showing exactly how the amount of home your

buyers can afford goes down as rates increase.

From a marketing and behavioral science standpoint, Lisa’s thinking is on point. When I asked her what helped to cultivate this thought process, she described herself as analytical but she also says

“I don’t have any interest in being a high volume real estate agent, so having huge numbers isn’t really my thing, but really taking care of the people that do put their hand up, it’s super important to me“

The aim to take care of people is a hallmark of many successful agents. When Lisa understands her client’s and potential client’s needs she can decide what content would best suit them and have the most impact.

“I’m able to use the blog post from Keeping Current Matters because it’s not long winded, it’s short sweet, “here’s what these numbers look like, if this happens then this is what the numbers looks like”, but then you have those soft narratives that aren’t hard numbers, but just, “here’s why you have to be ready to [buy]”, here’s the reason behind that”, so no matter what client you have, you can always find a piece of information that will work to reach that person…if they are a numbers person you send them numbers, if they’re a emotions person, you send them a narrative.”

Systems and Your Capacity

She also applies this to the content she creates on her own, “I track back to a keeping current matters post, to say, here’s the national vision of that, but this is what it looks like here where we live”

Connecting the Dots

These days, consumers have access to a ton of market information, and most of it’s national (think CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc.). However, these news outlets often contradict one another and can be very confusing for consumers. KCM content helps to make sense of all the information out there and break it down in a way that allows you to explain what is happening simply and effectively to your clients. Then as the expert in your local market, you can connect the dots to what that means for your clients and how that affects them specifically.

Content Distribution

Lisa also uses her KCM content in another system she’s built. She saves links to articles of a specific category in specific folders, so she might have a folder specifically for renters and she’ll put any article link that matches renters in there. Lisa will then use these links as part of a drip campaign. If she runs a Facebook ad that targets first-time home buyers, she’ll use all of the articles she has on first time home buyers as part of her drip campaign. She’s currently testing out Lion Desk for her email marketing and will turn the posts into a PDF and attach it to an email.

Better Systems = Greater Capacity

It’s systems like this, that I really think are a big takeaway from my conversation with Lisa and she believes they’ll help make 2017 her best year ever. While other colleagues struggle with taking on a couple of clients at the same time, Lisa says, “I have more active clients looking, ready to go than I had at any point…I’ve built these systems, I don’t feel stressed…it’s just a matter of calmly putting people into the system that they need to be in.”

The goal of these conversations with Members is to highlight the experiences that are going to be beneficial to the rest of the KCM family, one question that I like to ask is “What advice would you offer a newer agent?”

Turning Passions Into Demographic Farming

Lisa answers, “the biggest thing that’s helped me in terms of growing my business is growing my database, and it hasn’t been through cold calling, it’s been through asking people I already know, who do you know that I should know? and being introduced and being involved in the business community and networking that way, that’s really been the biggest thing for me, networking, and volunteering, and being involved in the community.”

Her focus on building her database has been through demographic farming. Lisa is a runner, “so almost everything I do is focused on running, everywhere I spend marketing dollars is with runners so that it’s a tight-knit community…sponsoring races…I try to go above and beyond and I do a lot of volunteer work, I volunteer at races [like] girls on the run, so I do a lot of things for the running community as well”

“when you’re involved in volunteering for something that you’re already passionate about, it’s easy to make connections with people there”

Lisa coaches Girls on the Run each fall. She also co-directs the largest women’s running clinic in Little Rock each spring.

Everyone knows a few other Realtors, the key is to figure out a way to set yourself apart. I believe a lot of lessons learned from Lisa’s interview will help you do that.

Let’s Recap:

  • A lot of agent’s don’t do much here but you can:
    • Have the Buyer guide available in a cost effective printed format.
    • Use the Buyer guide in a digital format and email copies to prospects.
    • Strategically places iPads throughout the home to collect information from prospects.
    • Check out the Member Success Content on Using the Buyer and Seller Guides.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Lisa and thank her for taking the time to speak with me and my hope is that you can find the golden nugget that will take your business to the next level, whatever that level is for you. There’s a wealth of experience among our ranks and I look forward to seeking out more gems who are willing to share their story with the KCM family! If you’ve found success by implementing anything here or have a story you’d like to share please reach out to to us at or by clicking the button below!

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