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    How to Make KCM Work for You

    Home Is Where the Heart Is [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Some Highlights There’s no doubt about it: homeowners love their homes, and that feeling has become even more important over
    Why This Is a Great Year to Sell Your Vacation Home
    As vaccines are administered and travel resumes, many of us are beginning to plan for those long-awaited vacations we missed
    93% of Americans Believe a Home Is a Better Investment Than Stocks
    A recent Survey of Consumer Finances study released by the Federal Reserve reveals the net worth of homeowners is forty
    Some Buyers Prefer Smaller Homes
    Over the past year, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to reflect on what we consider most important in our lives.
    4 Major Reasons Households in Forbearance Won’t Lose Their Homes to Foreclosure
    There has been a lot of discussion as to what will happen once the 2.3 million households currently in forbearance
    Multigenerational Housing Is Gaining Momentum [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Some Highlights If your house is feeling a little cramped with the addition of adult children or aging parents, it
    Homeownership Is Full of Financial Benefits
    A Fannie Mae survey recently revealed some of the most highly-rated benefits of homeownership, which continue to be key drivers
    Latest Jobs Report: What Does It Mean for You & the Housing Market?
    Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a very encouraging jobs report. The economy gained 916,000 jobs in March
    Don’t Sell on Your Own Just Because It’s a Sellers’ Market
    In a sellers’ market, some homeowners might be tempted to try to sell their house on their own (known as
    Your Tax Refund and Stimulus Savings May Help You Achieve Homeownership This Year
    If you’re planning to buy a home this year, saving for a down payment is one of the most important